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17 October 2009 @ 02:29 pm
I am happy happy happy again!
I met my deadlines, i have done all that i can do although i still feel that i haven't.
Left work early and am now chilling in my cool livingroom watching Rob Rainford barbeque stuff. Hehehe i mean when has he NOT bbq stuff! Seriously, every meal he makes is either grilled, smoked or yeah plain old bbq-ed.
I miss Jamie tho, i love when he is in pukka tukka mode. And Nigella, ooohhhhh i worship that goddess! Her recipes are simple and easy to make, even for me. :D
I wanna go out tonight! I wanna just let my inner-bitions go! hehehe
Stress down and just act all gila.
Ehhh... not going bck kb today, just gonna chill here and maybe play sims3 later till my brain turns to mush.
No work tonite! no work tonite!
Dude~~~ my alligator~ my artichoke~ why are u not in the city. When are you coming back? I need you here to act all gila with me and just hang and chill and talk abt random shit that has no particular meaning or just act stupid together. :(
I will msg you and hope u are not asleep stil so that we can make plans for this weekend!

Tapi berat jua rasa hatiku masih... ingau rasa hati tentang anak2 ku. Harap2 durang atu buka hati and tekun belajar dan berusaha untuk big exam starting dis monday! I believe in you guys~ <3
I will always worry about you and will always pray for your success.
Ganbatta ne!
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