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26 May 2010 @ 06:43 pm
Sigh.... And I said I wudn't.  
I said I wudnt but waddaya know I registered on Twitter. So now I am part of the social jungle who "tweets".
Well if anyone is interested to "follow" me, I'm lily_anna114 and it will be a pleasure chirping with you. ;p

on a happier yet blur moment on my part, my sister brought out her all about dbsk 2 last weekend and so we were enjoying ourselves with the silly dong bang antics. Ahhh, happy times...
Anyway, it was around the part in making film where the boys were doing a photoshoot in the animal costumes and dancing to "O" - funny by the way, so very funny - kekeke anywhoo I get sidetracked, it just clicked with me the amount of HoMin there. I mean Minnie is in a deer costume and he is playing Bambi. Yunnie has a Bambi, and then during the making of "Balloons" MV, Yunho's number was 5 and Min's was 2. But if u look closlier the two looks like a 5 upside down. And he admitted that he was in a Bambi costume. I cud be overthinking this but I had a strong urge to look through my LJ Memories for yuxie's HoMin fic abt Minnie being Bambi and secretly loving Yunho.
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