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Sigh, i really shud start doing what i preach to my students. I am so lame like that, its no wnder i am not getting anywhere.
Its like, everything i have ever done in my life has been half and half. Like cookies, i will gather up the ingredients, mix the batter, shape the dough on the tray but when it comes to the part where you put it into the oven to bake, i dont. I just leave the tray on the prep table and walk away, starting the whole process all over again. So now, i have a kitchen full of unbaked cookies and i am still making more.
How do i stop??!??!

I lack drive and inspiration. Honestly, dunno wht to do. I am L.A.Z.Y. so very much so.
Plus i fell of the wagon... again.
I will honestly get myself in deeper shit if i dun stop nw.

To be perfectly honest, all i wanna do is just stay in my pyjama's all day everyday, in my bedroom and just surf nonsense on my lappie not even caring that life is just passing me by.

I shud care, i shud!

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21 June 2009 @ 12:26 am
sigh, its soooo good to be back. It was a good holiday but nothing beats chilling in your own livingroom with internet access. hehehe
it was fun catching up on all the stuff going on since i was away and im happy that my girl thea is happy writing again. het/slash that girl shudnt be silenced. too awesome. :)
i went abit crazy with the spending tho, hehehe but $2000 is not enuf hehehe.
i caught up with my reading which was good, i am truly loving Neil Gaiman at the moment, "The Graveyard Book" is a highly recommended book from me. it is for young adults but i believe that literature, no matter who the target audience is, if its awesome READ IT!! hehehe went crazy buying books too and my body is protesting now cos i had to hand carry them home. ouch..
and clothes! augh, must not forget the clothes! hehehe plus i added on to my anime collection ^^
got one more week of holiday left so i got enuf time to continue chillin and watch my anime before work. sigh...
i dun wanna go back to work yet. hehe
i just spent 4 hours catching up on the news and fics on my friends page and i wasnt disappointed :D my butt hurts but i am happy! plus JaeSu did not disappoint! and HoMin too! hehehe :DDD
i need this happy feeling before i open my credit card bill this month. definitely not looking forward to that *shudders*
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15 June 2009 @ 01:36 am
My last moments online before i send my laptop to the shop for reformatting and im off for my vacation.
Sigh, i feel heavy hearted and my tummy hurts.
I hope i dun really get online withdrawal or something cos then my vacation wont be fun. :(
Suffice to say, going online everyday has become a habit, an addictive habit i might add but i hope not a bad obsessive one. hehehe

I suck at blogging and writing in journals, cos i will only drop a post once in a blue moon. ;p

So before i go, i wanna write about some stuff to sorta just ease the heaviness on my chest.

Okay, i was really stressed since May til early this month cos i had a lot of deadlines and exam papers to mark and review and reports and meetings and workshops plus a competition that i was in charge of (didnt make it to finals, but thats ok. More worried for the participants feelings than my own.) So what happened was, i ate alot and i shopped alot. So i gotta alotta stuff i dun really need and abt 3-4kg heavier. Which sucks cos its really hard for me to lose weight. :(

Then i actually nearly bailed on this trip cos family is sorta experiencing a financial dilema but it actually wasnt dire, i am just such a dramatic worry wart that i blew things outta proportion with my own crazy wild thoughts
. But i am ok now and my sisters as well as my best buddy have assured me that the situation is still ok and that i shudnt worry so much. Awww, my buddy... We were supposed to hangout tonight but i guess either she forgot or was too tired but it didnt happen. But its cool, i suspected this wud happen so thats why i hung out with her for the whole week last week. heh heh heh :D

I actually still have some work pending but i am ignoring it til i get back. hehehe, its bad of me but i dun wanna look at, think of or hear of anything relating to work til next week! Screw it! I am gonna party and just let go for these 5 days! WooHoo!!!

Oh oh! And the most important thing that i nearly forgot to mention! I bought a new toy.. hehehehe by toy i mean handphone. :P
It is super cool! I wanted to own one since march and it just became available in stores here 2 weeks ago!
It was a funny day too, i actually didnt plan to get it that day but i was abit overwhelmed with work so i called the store and they said they didnt have one in stock cos the phone was only made-to-order. So i had to order it and it wud arrive within 5-7 days. Another reason why i didnt want to buy it now was cos of the price. $1400 is alotta money, yes it is.
But i had a talk with my sister and she just blurted out, "Buy it la~! You want it rite? You have the money for it rite? Buy it la~!" which sorta surprised me cos she wud usually try to discourage me first but she said buy it so after some thought, i did! LOL!^^
My poor credit card tho, hehe but i am happy with it! :D  YEA~!!!

Ok, thats all of my chest! hehehe :D
I will miss checking my friends page but just means i got more to read when i get back! :D
I hope the JaeSu moments pile up while im away *fingers crossed*

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12 June 2009 @ 10:44 am
Yeah!!! Starting monday effective immediately!
Me n a bunch of friends are going on vacation for a week. I feel excited but also sad at the same time cos within that one week i wont have access to the internet so im gonna miss out on all the updates. :(
But dats ok, cos more for me to read wen i get bck! yea!!!
Hehehe, i just feel relieved cos these past few months at work have been killer and i really really REALLY! need this time off.
I cant wait!
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05 April 2009 @ 11:54 pm

After work on Saturday, my frens were stressing out. So eventhough i was swamped with marking students books, i agreed to go out and de-stress with them.
I bought a pair of shoes!
Hehehehe, well at least i didnt buy an iTouch although i was soooo tempted! XP
Im controlling myself cos im waiting for the new HTC Touch Pro2 to come out. Will dat be a dent in my wallet. Hehehe..
Earlier in the day another colleague of mine mentioned that there was a place where you could get a fish spa. You know, like in that one episode of Ugly Betty where Willie got Marc to get her these little fish that eat the dead skin cells on your feet to smooth it out.
So i suggested to them that we should do that so we went and in the end out of the 3 of us i was the only one who did it cos the other two were to grossed out to do it.
For the first 5 mins i couldnt stop laughing cos it was sooooo ticklish! Hahaha but i got over it and it was ok. Here are some pics of my experience:
Fishy... HeheheheCollapse )

Hehehehehe, eeewwww my legs need to get waxed again. LOL!^^
But it was a fun experience.
Life isnt forever, so we need to take chances and enjoy new things even when its kinda scary. :D

And i was going through my JaeSu pics folder the other day and i came across this gif that i found somewhere and i cant for the life of me remember from where this JaeSu moment came from:

(I am not putting in under the cut cos, well duh! it JaeSu ~<3)

On a more sour note, i started a bad habit. I was too stressed out at the time and i know its a stupid excuse but, i did it anyway and now i only have myself to blame. Smoking... real bad, so bad. I dun wanna elaborate yet, i dunno when i will but i am sure that i will. :(

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23 March 2009 @ 05:58 pm
In contrast to my previous post, today was a good day.. hehehe :D
After "work" (i put air quotes cos i spent most of the time watching DBSK vids instead of actual work hehehe) me and a colleague went to have sushi and i tried lobster and alaskan snow crab for the very first time! hehehehe....
I always wanted to try ever since i saw DBSK on Taste vs Taste.
It was haunting me, i was already planning to go to Singapore to try it since it doesnt seem that they have it here but lo and behold! they do!!! hahahahaha!
So eventhough it was uber expensive, it was sooo delicious and good. hehehe :D
I am like Changmin, i luuuurve crab! lol!^^
Then we went to Mall to shop and just walk around hehehe, it was a good day. I had fun. :D
Now i am at home and someone was so awesome and great enough to post up MF links to Bokur a no Ongaku the full show! Yea!!
I am currently downloading it, i already downloaded the softsubs from pinkulemon and i dun wanna waste her efforts. I believe it must take a lot, A LOT, of hours to upload and create the subs and she was even gracious enuff to share them with us fans for free. Amazing, those fans who spend so much time and effort to upload HQ vids or any other vids for all the other fans are just awesome in my book. Totally and i dunno how to express how much i appreciate them for doing it too.
Hontouni Arigatou gozaimasu!

Hehehehe, ok. Let it end here on a good note. :D
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I fucking HATE sendspace and megaupload rite now!!
All i wanna do i create an upgrade for "faster and better" downloads but noooo, my credit card is not authorised!
Fuck it!! How the hell can it not be authorised? i can order from yesasia and amazon, why not an upgrade?
UrrrgghhH! Fuck it! just fuck it!
Apparently my patience CAN run out!
Its times like this where i just wanna enjoy my holidays u know and i cant! cos the stupid shit wont work!
And i wonder if i shud take up smoking. urrggh!!!
*bangs head on keyboard*
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15 March 2009 @ 09:04 pm
Its sunday... well whats left of it anyway.
Woke up at 8am and just practically couch potatoed on the couch till 8pm - ofcourse i took bathroom breaks as well as a snack break, LOL! ^^ - watching Spongebob re-reuns on TV and also watched a bit of the cooking channel.
I was not productive today and now i am paying the price since i have not started on that Flash project that i am supposed to be presenting tomorrow afternoon and i haven't done my LP's yet.
Another sleepless night for me. Yea!
I always do this to myself. No point in asking y now.
On a more sunny note, the minho_yongwonhi fic exchange is just fantabulous! All the HoMin i can read, like a buffet. I wanna contribute but my writing skills are amateurish at best and i wud not bring HoMin any justice or the best that they deserve. I soo fail.
Hehehehe, there are alot of amazing writers out there and the creativity is just astounding. It really opened my eyes to how closed my mind is most of the time. I gotta get out more.

But work is gonna be hectic this year what with all the workshops and meetings and reports and more meetings and workshops and talks. Wow, i just bored myself.

Sigh, i miss my friends. But they have their own lives too and i dun wanna impose on their weekend. And i miss Daus!!!!!! My buddy who's studying in Ozzie. I hope he's ok.

Im gonna start on the project now, maybe, after i go to the kitchen. Then i will do my LP's. Thank god i only have 4 more days of work left before holidays!

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Yunho's Honey Funny Bunny
I, silly girl that i am, have just learned how to use the "Memories" option here at LJ.

I know, im pretty slow on the uptake but i was excited and i tot "Wow, what a great way to store my most fav, emo-impacting fics !"  for future reading. ^^

And i recently check my "memories" and i was kinda shocked at what i saw!
I have over 80+ entries for HoMin and like only 20+ for JaeSu!
My OTP 1 is losing soooo very badly to my OTP 2!!

How the heck did that happen?!? (0_o")

So very, very strange... 
Now i am on a quest to gather all the most memorable JaeSu fics out there that i KNOW i have not mem-ed yet and start collecting them! I'm on a quest i tell u! A QUEST!

Now i will start on this quest as soon as my body temperature decreases, my nose functions properly and i stop sounding like a bad rockstar whose voice has seen better live shows and after parties.

Sigh, i just know that dream about me being a mermaid who can't breathe under water will come back to haunt me. If not tonight, then tomorrow... Definitely tomorrow.


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08 January 2009 @ 01:29 am
But look wat my "totally awesome" sis (as she quoted herself, XD) gave me for my birthday!!
Hehehehe, i love it. <3

Check it! >>Collapse )