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The musings of a misunderstood soul...

Yunho's Honey Funny Bunny
8 January 1983
I'm a quiet and very private person.
I like a variety of music except rap and techno.
My favourite colours are purple and black.
My journal would basically contain my thoughts and feelings and it would mostly be a place to vent out my frustrations. And of course my good times.
I would post my fiction here but I have to learn more about LJ first, you know being a newbie and all, hehehe.
I'm a complex person I think, I'm very open-minded and I won't judge anything until I've experienced it for myself.
I don't mind any kind of pairings from animes as long as the couples are beautiful and have a connection. Different people, different opinions and ideas right? Hehehe...
I'm really into comedy, I love to laugh at movies but I do watch the occasional tearjerker, action-flick and horror movie now and then if it appeals to me.
Well, that's about it I think, feel free to add me as a friend or recommend any good communities to join for great fiction.