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Yunho's Honey Funny Bunny
22 June 2010 @ 02:02 pm
I have lost most hope that as the next year comes along, it won't be as crappy as the previous year. I was so very, very wrong...

This year started out normally but gradually became more and more stressful. And it's all becos of my work, well mostly.
I am a teacher. I dun hate my job, and its not even the classroom situation thats bringing me down. Its the admin work.
In addition to being an educational officer (fancy title for teacher, kekeke) I am also in the Examinations Department in charge for Yr 10, I am the level coordinator for Yr 8 Mathematics, I am the assistant to the level coordinator of the volleyball club and I am Head of the Gulintangan club (traditional music).
I teach two levels and i can;t seem to finish anything. Now with the new term, I have already got 4 deadlines pending and a Gulintangan performance for our school's CCA Open Day to worry about.

I actually got called twice to the principal's office for tardiness. I dunno, the motivation and discipline in me is fading. I think it started in march, when my granpa passed away. That was surreal.
The day before he passed away, he actually accompanied my mom and sisters and me to the airport to send us off. The next morning my dad called and told us the news and we booked a flight straight back home. We didn't make it in time to see him before they buried him... My sisters were in shock for 3 days i think, they kept crying at random times. I dunno if i have fully mourned him tho, I dunno...

Plus DBSK having problems, but I am still hanging on to them! They have given me more than i cud ask for and i am not gonna lose faith in them! They make the stress in the my life a bit more bearable.

My family are my rock. I dunno what kinda shit i'd be in if they weren't there for me. :D

Ok, enough ranting for now.

Gotta start being more productive, hehehehe.
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Yunho's Honey Funny Bunny
28 May 2010 @ 11:31 pm
Urghhh.. the neighbors are celebrating something and they are karaoke-ing so loud my walls are vibrating and i can't sleep so i am bitching about it here.
Arggh!!!!!!!!!! Make it stop! I got work at 6.30 tomorrow morning! *crying*
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Yunho's Honey Funny Bunny
28 May 2010 @ 01:40 am
I gotta say, me expectations for the Prince of Persia movie weren't very high. Cos VG movies usually turn out to comical for me but then thanks to my buddy who insisted that i go with her, i gotta say, it wasn't bad. Not bad at all. I enjoyed it immensely!

Jake Gyllenhal was the right choice for the part. I was surprised i gotta say.
It's a must see. From the awesome graphics and beautiful scenery to the awesome actions! wow....
The flow of the movie storyline was amazing as well and made more sense than "Clash of the Titans" did. And i was more excited to watch the latter and that movie just disappointed me!

So ppl, if you haven't gone and even if you aren't a fan of Jake G. Go and watch for the movie itself! You won't regret it! Umm, i hope so anyway cos i wasn't. :D
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Yunho's Honey Funny Bunny
27 May 2010 @ 09:13 am
I am on a break from work~ I wanna go home early...
Waaaahhhhh~~~~~ :(
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Yunho's Honey Funny Bunny
26 May 2010 @ 06:43 pm
I said I wudnt but waddaya know I registered on Twitter. So now I am part of the social jungle who "tweets".
Well if anyone is interested to "follow" me, I'm lily_anna114 and it will be a pleasure chirping with you. ;p

on a happier yet blur moment on my part, my sister brought out her all about dbsk 2 last weekend and so we were enjoying ourselves with the silly dong bang antics. Ahhh, happy times...
Anyway, it was around the part in making film where the boys were doing a photoshoot in the animal costumes and dancing to "O" - funny by the way, so very funny - kekeke anywhoo I get sidetracked, it just clicked with me the amount of HoMin there. I mean Minnie is in a deer costume and he is playing Bambi. Yunnie has a Bambi, and then during the making of "Balloons" MV, Yunho's number was 5 and Min's was 2. But if u look closlier the two looks like a 5 upside down. And he admitted that he was in a Bambi costume. I cud be overthinking this but I had a strong urge to look through my LJ Memories for yuxie's HoMin fic abt Minnie being Bambi and secretly loving Yunho.
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Yunho's Honey Funny Bunny
02 February 2010 @ 11:57 pm
I am currently sitting in my car at the airport, waiting for my bro to arrive from the Lion City.
He said 11.30, i have been here for 20mins! I seriously need to pee and i hate public toilets and i still have 2 frakin' huge stacks of works to mark!
Fuck i cud use a smoke rite now...

Earlier tonight i ws at my beb's place watching the "Guiliana & Bill" marathon. And as i was sitting there with my bf n her sister's, listening to them coo endlessly over Bill n how amazing and sweet he is and how they wish they hav wat G n B hav.. How they are so cute together, i got to thinking... Chivalry and true gentlemenlyness wher i am is dead. Dead and gone. All those guys have been snatched up already by some lucky girls and i have the leftovers to pick from. Or either that they are still babies. too young for me.
I dunno, been feeling more and more cynical these days. I am officially in a slump.
And i dunno how to dig myself out. 
Yunho's Honey Funny Bunny
27 January 2010 @ 05:20 am
I am having a "Sex in the City" marathon, I am at the 3rd season mark and Carrie is throwing her life up shit creek again by having an affair with Mr Big when she is in a perfectly good relationship with Aiden who loves her GOD HE LOVES HER!
I was actually feeling a little jealous of a fictatious (I can't spell for shit! LOLZ!) character.
But i do love Carrie and the girls. I dunno, maybe cos she is living the lifestyle (minus the sex parts) that i always dreamed of having. Living independently in the big city, with amazing frens, going to the hottest places, and the shoes! oh my god the shoes! I love shoes!
And the food! OMG the food!!I am such a foodie.
I mean i do live independently in a rent-controlled house which i share with my brother. Not really fancy living but comfortable.
Sigh.. i made 3 resolutions this year. and none of them are going so well. hehehe
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Yunho's Honey Funny Bunny
23 January 2010 @ 12:55 am
Hmmm, i am seriously pondering...
Should i continue my Sex in the City marathon or stop while i am ahead and actually get same work done.
I am a procrastinator. Really really bad.
I still got a stack of papers to grade and three mountains of books to look over at the office.
Its nearly 1 am and i am still pondering this.
Today was tiring, had facial at 10am then the routine servicing of my car which cost me approx $700 dollars cos i had to change my car battery, a shot bulb and replace two of my tires. I dun mind the tires cos those are important! and its my baby. The first car i bought with my own money wen i started work. My baby, next to my laptop that is. I was contemplating getting a new lappie at the end of last year but... you know if its not broken why fix it? or replace it for something that may look different but ultimately will do the same job just as good as the last one.
My new year's resolution this year was to slowly stop smoking but unfortunately, that has not made any head way.
And i was supposed to open an account at SCB but, well procrastinating.
I got work in 5 hours and its a full 5 hour day tomorrow.
hmmmm, i must be some kind of masochist cos i i do this all the time and even tho i say i wont again but eventually i will.
Dead broke too. Hmmm...
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Yunho's Honey Funny Bunny
17 October 2009 @ 02:29 pm
I am happy happy happy again!
I met my deadlines, i have done all that i can do although i still feel that i haven't.
Left work early and am now chilling in my cool livingroom watching Rob Rainford barbeque stuff. Hehehe i mean when has he NOT bbq stuff! Seriously, every meal he makes is either grilled, smoked or yeah plain old bbq-ed.
I miss Jamie tho, i love when he is in pukka tukka mode. And Nigella, ooohhhhh i worship that goddess! Her recipes are simple and easy to make, even for me. :D
I wanna go out tonight! I wanna just let my inner-bitions go! hehehe
Stress down and just act all gila.
Ehhh... not going bck kb today, just gonna chill here and maybe play sims3 later till my brain turns to mush.
No work tonite! no work tonite!
Dude~~~ my alligator~ my artichoke~ why are u not in the city. When are you coming back? I need you here to act all gila with me and just hang and chill and talk abt random shit that has no particular meaning or just act stupid together. :(
I will msg you and hope u are not asleep stil so that we can make plans for this weekend!

Tapi berat jua rasa hatiku masih... ingau rasa hati tentang anak2 ku. Harap2 durang atu buka hati and tekun belajar dan berusaha untuk big exam starting dis monday! I believe in you guys~ <3
I will always worry about you and will always pray for your success.
Ganbatta ne!
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Yunho's Honey Funny Bunny
14 October 2009 @ 12:50 pm
I am not happy.
I am not happy.
I am not happy.
I am not happy.
I am not happy.
I am not happy.
I am not happy.
I am not happy.
I am not happy.
I am not happy.
I am not happpu7o[p...... fuck it.
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